Royal Pier

January 08th, 2019

Mesmeric Murmurations

No one wants the summer to end, but here at the Pier we have a silver lining - the annual arrival of our feathered friends. Throughout the autumn and winter months, thousands of starlings roost under the Pier, treating us all to their impressive formations every sunset on the seafront.

The starlings arrive in separate groups and they engage in a spectacle of synchronised 'dancing' as their numbers gradually build. The sky literally fills with these birds at dusk, and the promenade is crammed with watchers and photographers who travel far and wide to get the perfect shot.



This is undoubtedly Mid Wales’ most spectacular natural phenomenon, so much so that we featured in an episode of BBC’s Autumnwatch. In the near future, we will be installing a network of cameras underneath the pier and beam these pictures to our TV screens for education and entertainment.

We encourage you to make your way to Aberystwyth’s promenade where the show takes place every evening, and best of all, it’s absolutely free!

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