Royal Pier

A one-stop destination for food, drinks, and family fun.

The first pleasure pier to open in Wales in 1865. Packed with history, entertainment, and award-winning hospitality. Our restaurant, upstairs at the pier, boasts panoramic views of Cardigan Bay, and is open 7 days a week from midday until late for no-nonsense eats and great value meal deals!


Central: 01970 636100  Head Office: 01970 636115


Royal Pier, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AZ


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Soup of the day - £4.50

Artisan bread and olives (v) - £3.90

Antipasti misti (serves 2) - £9.50
Selection of cured meats served with mozzarella, olives, roquette, sun blushed tomatoes and artisan bread.

Antipasti vegan (serves 2) - £9.50
Selection of grilled and roasted vegetables served with hummus, olives, roquette, sun blushed tomatoes and artisan bread.

Fish platter - £5.90
Smoked salmon, cod goujons, anchoivies and crispy coconut prawns served with a seasonal salad.

Moules marinière - £4.90
Served with ciabatta

Marinated feta (v) - £5.90
Feta marinated in olive oil, served with sun blushed tomatoes, courgettes and mixed olives.


Fish special - POA

Fish and chips - £7.90

Seafood risotto - £9.20
Italian risotto with mussels, squid and prawns in a creamy white wine sauce. Served with garlic bread.

8oz rump steak - £8.50
Sliced steak on a hot sizzler with pink peppercorn sauce and chips.

7oz beef burger - £9.75
Served on a brioche bun, topped with soft cheese, salad, onion, tomato, burger relish and a side of chips.

Chicken burger - £9.75
Served on a brioche bun, topped with soft cheese, salad, onion, tomato, burger relish and a side of chips. Choice of Cajun or Piri Piri seasoning.

Chicken fajitas - £6.90
Served on a hot sizzler, with a salsa dip, and a side of salad and chips.

Vegetable fajitas (v) - £5.90
Served on a hot sizzler, with a salsa dip, and side of salad and chips.

Chicken and bacon carbonara - £8.70
Egg tagliatelle with chicken and bacon in a carbonara sauce, served with garlic bread.

Spinach and wild mushroom pappardelle - £8.70
Served in a white wine, garlic and cream sauce, with garlic bread.

Red kidney bean burger (v) - £8.90
Served on a toasted bun, topped with seasonal salad and burger relish.

Pizza (12" / 16")

Margherita (v) - £7.50 / £13.90

Ham and mushroom - £8.90 / £16.90

Diavola with chorizo - £8.50 / £15.90

Sausage and red onion - £8.50 / £15.90

Mediterranean (v) - £8.50 / £15.90

Seafood - £8.90 / £16.90

A metre-long pizza with any four toppings (Tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, chorizo, sausage and red onion).


Chicken goujons - £5.50

Sausage, mash and gravy - £5.50

Mini fish and chips - £5.50


Garlic bread - £1.80

Garlic bread with cheese - £2.50

Chips - £1.80

Onion rings - £2.00

If you have an allergy or food intolerance that could harm your health, please contact the restaurant directly.

Royal Pier



Pizza Royal at the Inn on the Pier

Pizza Addicts (7" / 9" / 12")

Margherita (v) - £4.00 / £5.50 / £9.00

The Classic (v) - £4.00 / £5.50 / £9.00
70/30 cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Hawaiian - £4.50 / £7.00 / £11.00
Ham and pineapple.

Farmhouse - £4.50 / £7.00 / £11.00
Ham and mushroom.

Double Pepperoni - £4.50 / £7.00 / £11.00

Veggie Supreme (v) - £4.50 / £7.00 / £11.00
Mushrooms, olives, peppers, sweetcorn and onions.

Olympus (v) - £4.50 / £7.00 / £11.00
Spinach, peppers, olives and tomatoes.

Mexican - £5.00 / £8.00 / £12.00
BBQ base, Cajun chicken, peppers and onions.

Meaty Madness - £5.00 / £8.00 / £12.00
Pepperoni, beef, bacon, ham and chicken.

Piri Piri Chicken - £5.00 / £8.00 / £12.00
Piri Piri base, chicken, bacon and sweetcorn.

Hot & Smokey - £5.00 / £8.00 / £12.00
Chipotle base, double pepperoni and jalapenos.

Add extra toppings or base - 30p / 40p / 60p each
Bacon, BBQ sauce, Beef Mince, Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Olive, Mushroom, Onion, Pepper, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Sweetcorn, BBQ Base, Piri Piri Base, Chipotle Base.

Hot Melts

Cheese and Tomato (v) - £4.00

Bacon and Cheese - £4.50

Veggie Delight - £4.50
Peppers, onions, tomatoes and olives.

Chipotle Chicken - £5.00
Chipotle sauce, chicken and bacon.

Cajun Chicken - £4.50
Lightly spiced in black Cajun.

BBQ Chicken - £5.00
BBQ sauce, chicken and onion.

Piri Piri Chicken - £5.00
Piri Piri sauce, chicken and sweetcorn.

The Sizzler - £5.00
Pepperoni, beef and jalapenos.

Nachos (Single / Double)

Regular Nachos (v) - £4.00 / £6.50

Chicken Cajun Nachos - £4.50 / £7.00

Pepperoni Nachos - £4.50 / £7.00

Pizza Nachos (v) - £4.00 / £6.50

Burger Lovers

Classic Burger - £4.00
6oz beef burger, lettuce, onion, tomato and burger relish.

Chicken Burger - £4.00
Battered chicken burger, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Bacon and Cheese - £5.00
6oz beef burger, bacon, MJ cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Chicken Bacon and Cheese - £5.00
Chicken burger, bacon, MJ cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Double Bacon Cheese - £8.50
2x 6oz beef burgers, double bacon, MJ cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Double Chicken Bacon Cheese - £8.50
2x chicken burgers, double bacon, MJ cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Bangkok Bad Boy (v) - £4.50
A Thai influenced burger with fresh lemongrass & lime leaf, mixed vegetables, corriander and chilli.

Lamb and Mint - £4.50
6oz lamb and mint burger with cucumber and a yogurt and mint dressing.

Flamin' Nacho Man (v) - £4.50
Kidney beans with sweetcorn, red pepper, black beans and jalapenos with grated mozzarella.

Jalapeno Beef Burger - £4.50
6oz jalapeno beef burger, MJ cheese, lettuce, onions and chipotle sauce.

Burger add ons:
Double up (chicken or beef) - £2.00

Extra MJ cheese - 60p

Onion ring - 50p

Bacon - £1.00 


Small chips - £1.00

Large chips - £2.00

Small chips with cheese - £1.50

Large chips with cheese - £2.50

Garlic bread - £1.50

Garlic bread with cheese - £2.00

Pepperoni garlic bread - £2.50

5 Onion rings - £2.50

5 Chicken goujons - £3.50

5 Chicken nuggets - £2.00

10 Chicken nuggets - £3.80

20 Chicken nuggets - £7.50

5 Battered scampi - £1.80

10 Battered scampi - £3.50

Meal Deals

5 Chicken nuggets and chips - £2.50

10 Chicken nuggets and chips - £4.30

20 Chicken nuggets and chips - £8.50

Pizza for two - £15.00
Any two 9" pizzas and large chips

Scampi and chips - £2.30

Meal for 4 - £28.00
Any two 12" pizzas, double portions of nachos and large chips.

Monday - Friday 6pm - 9pm: Buy One Pizza, Get One 1/2 Price.

Wednesday 12pm - 6pm: BOGOF on all 7" and 9" pizzas.

Royal Pier



Have a drink with friends and family at the best¹ bars in Aberystwyth. Enjoy free WiFi, daily newspapers, happy hours, cocktails, shooters, and unrivalled views of Cardigan Bay. We are child and dog-friendly² and our PLAYDIUM digital jukebox even allows you to control the music from your mobile phone!

¹ Pier Brasserie — Best Bar None Best Bar 7 years in a row; Inn on the Pier — Best Bar None Best Pub 6 years in a row; Pier Pavilion — Best Bar None Best Bar 5 years in a row.

² Inn on the Pier and front deck seating area.



A great night out is also a safe night out at Pier Pressure. It has been recognised as Best Club at Ceredigion's Best Bar None Awards 6 years in a row. Recently refurbished with pre-bookable booths, a VIP party area, 4K Ultra-HD screens, jaw-dropping sound, and custom designs throughout by renowned UK artist James Blinkhorn, Pier Pressure genuinely lives up to its reputation as the biggest, busiest, and best nightclub in Aberystwyth.

NEW ATTRACTION: Get your kicks on our indoor dodgems! Up to 8 bumper cars on a full-sized theme park track! Kids and adults love 'em!



Our billiard bar is the number one destination for cue sports in Aberystwyth. You will find 7 full-size snooker tables, five 8-ball pool tables, a full-size American pool table, darts board, BIG SCREEN, 65" 4K Ultra-HD TV and 6 HD TVs dedicated to live sport, breaking news and all the very latest entertainment. We offer discounts for students and locals on table play throughout the year.

Whether you’re potting balls, throwing darts or watching the game, we serve up a great selection of food and drink that will keep you going throughout the day and night.



Our family-friendly, air-conditioned amusements arcade is fully loaded with the industry's very best machines. This year’s new video games include: Typhoon 3D MOTION SIMULATOR delivering up to 2 G's of acceleration and 400 movements per second, Space Invaders FRENZY with massive 8 FOOT LED display, the fully immersive Jurassic Park DELUXE MOTION with seat shaker and Thrill-D Enviro Theatre experience, The Walking Dead with bone shaking Thrill-D sound, Cruis’n BLAST 42″ Deluxe Driver, MotoGP™ with 42" HD screens and front mounted fans, SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, Bean Bag Toss, Down The Clown, Milk Jug Toss, ICE Ball alley roller redemption, CURVED Air Hockey and LOTS MORE!

NEW ATTRACTIONS: Time to spare? Your arcade entertainment experience now includes ten-pin bowling! Or get your kicks on our indoor dodgems! Up to 8 bumper cars on a full-sized theme park track! Make your KIDS' PARTIES fun and memorable at the pier! Call 01970 636100 to book.

Ice Cream


At the Royal Pier we know that eating out isn't just about comfortable seats and quality service, sometimes a mouth-watering Marshfield Farm or Mario's real dairy ice cream is all you need whilst promenading along Aberystwyth's seafront. Offering you the ultimate in luxury Welsh ice cream with over 16 different award-winning flavours — you'll certainly be spoilt for choice!

Come in and savour our delicious menu or make up your own. We will happily build the ice cream of your dreams with the toppings you choose!

01970 636100 Royal Pier, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AZ

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